Boothbay (click for details/pricing

Boothbay - Left to Right: Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Clothing Store, Gallery and Shops, The Smilin’ Cow, Gimbel & Son’s Country Store, the Tugboat Restaurant

Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor –A beautiful harbor full of lobster boats, tour boats and sail boats of all kinds as well as a wide variety of shops make visiting the Boothbay Harbor a favorite of tourists. A stroll on the footbridge across the harbor brings you to East Boothbay. Boothbay itself, is home to the nationally known Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

Camden Landmarks (click for details/pricing)

Camden Landmarks – Left to Right: Norembega Inn, French & Brawn Market, Lord Camden Inn with shops on the first level, Camden Opera House, the Camden Public Library

The town of Camden has a long history as a port of call. Many of the buildings in the downtown area were destroyed by fire but have been replaced by the shops, store fronts and historic brick buildings that you see today.

Camden Village (click for details/pricing)

Camden Village – Shops, The Smilin’ Cow, Marriner’s Restaurant, Deli, shops, restaurants, Swan’s Island Co. / In the water – schooners

The beautiful coastal town of Camden sits on Camden Harbor, known for the schooners that offer sailing cruises along Midcoast Maine. The village itself is filled with interesting shops to explore.

Damariscotta One (click for details/pricing)

Damariscotta I (Theatre Side of Main Street) – Left to Right: Offices and Shops, Reny’s Department Store, King Eider’s Pub, Shops & Gifts at 136, the Lincoln Theatre with Bookstore and café on first floor level

Damariscotta is an historic and quaint Maine village that sits beside the beautiful Damariscotta River and is only minutes from the famous Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. It is the original home of “Maine’s department store” Reny’s, a stop for every tourist. Fresh lobster and Damariscotta River oysters are a tasty treat here.

Damariscotta Two (click for details/pricing)

Damariscotta II Left to Right: (U.S. Post Office side of Main Street)- Left to Right: Office, U.S. Post Office, Reny’s Underground, Official Tourist Information Center (actually at the top of Main Street) Damariscotta Center (shops), the Damariscotta River Grill restaurant, shops.

The other side of the street in Damariscotta hosts the Reny’s Underground Store, a must for needed items for the cottages on the coast and a rainy day haunt of parents and their children alike for a fun supply of toys. The local Post Office and other tempting shopping stops and restaurants complete this side of the street.

Monhegan Island (click for details/pricing)

Monhegan Island – Left to Right: The Island Inn, the Black Duck market, the Monhegan Lighthouse, the Lupine Gallery and the Monhegan House

Monhegan Island has long been a destination for artists and tourists alike. It has been an artist’s colony for many years with such famous painters as the three generations of Wyeth’s, Rockwell Kent and many others. It is a magical place for all who visit, with its long unchanged village and its scenic vistas.

Pemaquid Point (click for details/pricing)

Pemaquid Point – Left to Right: Carriage House, The Pemaquid Hotel, the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, the Seagull Shop, the Bradley Inn

Pemaquid Point is the home of the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse which is famous for the rocky coastline just below it. Tourists from near and far come to visit this scenic location and climb on the rocks below.

Round Pond (click for details/pricing)

Round Pond – Left to Right: Antiques, Granite Hall Store, Round Pond Inn, Round Pond Lobster, King Ro Market, Little Brown Church

A tiny town on the coast in Midcoast Maine, Round Pond is the quintessential coastal Maine town. Quaint sea captain’s homes, a harbor filled with lobster boats and lobster so fresh it almost walks onto your plate, it becomes a place that stays in the memories of all who visit.

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4” x 9.5”
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13" x 29" (Camden, Camden Landmarks, Monhegan Island)
11.5” x 29” (Pemaquid, Round Pond)
13” x 28” (Damariscotta 1,2)
11.5” x 29” (Pemaquid, Round Pond)
14.75” x 29.75” (Boothbay)
13" x 29" (Camden, Camden Landmarks, Monhegan Island)
11.5” x 29” (Pemaquid, Round Pond)
13” x 28” (Damariscotta 1, 2)
14.75” x 29.75” (Boothbay)
13" x 29" (Camden, Camden Landmarks not available, Monhegan Island)
13” x 28” (Damariscotta 1 Sold, Damariscotta 2)




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