A portrait of a special house can be a way to remember a childhood home,  a couple's first house, the location of a special occasion such as a wedding, or perhaps a gift to a client from a realtor to show appreciation.  A house is more than just a building, it is a home where memories happen.  What better way to remember than with a beautiful watercolor showcasing that favorite place?

I'll look forward to working with you to create a watercolor memory in a size or shape to suit your special place.

Creating Art from Photos

Here is an example of a home photo that was submitted to me to paint. At the right, you see the finished portrait. Often spring flowers and trees can be included even if the photo shows another season, such as winter.  If there are special details that you love or that you know that the owners are especially fond of, just include that information with your photos.  

Take a look at other examples of recent house portraits here.

Note: Contact the artist for completion times for individual commissions.  Larger sizes will require more time. If time does not allow for the watercolor to be completed by your deadline, a customized gift certificate can be provided.


Upon receiving your order the artist, the artist will contact you to get the needed reference materials to create your House Portrait. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss your project before actually placing your order. I'll look forward to discussing the creation of your painting with you.

House Portrait Size

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